Fair Diary

You can find us at many of the good Dolls House & Miniatures Fairs throughout the country and Europe please come along and see me. If there is anything you would like us to bring to a fair for you, please let us know. You can also place an order on the internet for us to deliver to you at the fair and keep your costs down

I try to keep our fair pages up to date, but the organizers of the fairs that we attend occasionally have to change the dates or venues.

Fair Dates For 2020

Currently all fairs are on hold due to the Chinese virus issues

We will definitely be attending the following Dolls House Miniature Fairs: Others may be attended subject to our availability

MM Fairs at Rugby, Southport,  Nantwich & Northwich

Warners Fair at York (2)

Tower Bridge Fair

Kensington Fair

Kensington Christmas Fair December 2020


In Holland

Rijswijk (2)

The Big Event Brabanthallenm Hertogenbosch The March Fair has been moved to May 30th - 31st due to the coronavirus problem