Here are some of the questions that i am frequently asked and their answers


 Question  Answer
 Do you make all of your items?  All of the polymer clay items are made by myself, friends, sisters and mum.  I make some of the crochet but because of the volumes involved my friends help out. Some of the ceramics are bought on the open market others are made by a friend who does it as a hobby. I buy in some accessories to widen my product range and give the customers a wider choice
 Are you ever copied?  Always, they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, i am very flattered.  For instance there is an internet trader not many miles from me that sells everything that i (and others) make. i have been shown the pictures of the items that they send to Thailand to be copied. They then sell these as made in England.
 Do you sell to the trade  Yes i do, but i am not taking on any new customers at present due to my current work load
 How do you keep your prices low?  My intention is to sell high quality goods as a reasonable price.  I attend dolls house fairs and meet the customers so i know what you want.
 Do you hold workshops?

 Yes i do, i hold Monthly workshops demonstrating the use of polymer clay and crochet.  I am running a workshop at the York fair later this year for making flowers.

See the workshops page

 How do i book a place at a workshop?  Please contact the fair organiser.
 Why after i buy some of your items at a fair can't i buy them on your website As soon as i list a new item  the picture is sent to Thailand (see above question) where it is copied and on sale on someone elses website within a few weeks. So a lot of my items are exclusive to my many fairs and remain only made by me. Just call me and tell me what you want and i will post it to you
 Why dont you have sales on your website?

We make sure that our items are competativley priced all of the time and we make a lot of the items to order so we never have a lot of stock (except clay of course!)

We have always felt that if someone has a sale it is because they have either over stocked on items thay have bought or they charge too much for the items in the first place and the customers have recognised this and are buying elsewhere